Chicken salad with asparagus

Hi Peeps


I’m currently visiting my parents up north, it’s great to see them again 🙂

I made a chicken salat for dinner, yum yum! I thought you might wanted pictures and recipe.



Cooked chicken (diced or sliced)
Fresh green asparagus in small pieces (blanched)
Squash in squares
Cherry tomatoes in half
Red, yellow or green pepper in squares (I used red)
Chinese cabbage (sliced)
Fresh spinach leaves


Sprinkle No. 1:

Breadcrumbs roasted in a pan with some dried thyme and salt.


Sprinkle No. 2:

Sunflower seeds roasted in a pan with a little lemon juice and sugar (it’s meant to be sweet so don’t use to much lemon juice).


Everything is mixed together and served with the chicken being warm and the vedgetables cold.
I made this dish without certain amounts of each ingredient – I like spinach and therefore added more as opposed to the red pepper which I’m not to fond of.

You’ll have to asses the amounts of each ingredient yourself 🙂


Happy Easter everyone 🙂


asparagus, chicken, lunch, salad


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