La vie romantique

Dear boy

I think it’s so romantic when you…

… leave a sticky note sayin’ “have a nice day princess” on the kitchen table when you leave home before me.

… bring home a buttercup or any other flower you just picked up along the road.

… send me an unexpected text message sayin’ something like “I’m thinking of you”, “you know what? I really like you” or other sweet thoughts of yours.

… leave cute little drawings for me in my calendar or school book.

… e-mail me a song that ‘just reminded’ you of me.

… put little notes in my bathroom cabinet, kitchen cupboard or other places for me to find when you’re not around.

… offer me your hoodie when it’s cold outside.

… ask me if I wanna go and blow soap bubbles with you in the park.

… want me to fix your necktie.

… take me to the zoo or any other places you know I love.

… ask me to stargaze with you in the middle of the night.

… drag me under the mistletoe to kiss me.

… write me something sweet on my Facebook wall for everyone to see.

… build a snowman for me.

… notice my new hair color, dress or other changes in my appearance.

… tell me that I’m beautiful. 




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