Sugar preserved rhubarb

I’m so sorry I didn’t write about my rhubarb experiment, I’ve been busy with my exam project 😦

But here it is 🙂


I bought a bundle of rhubarb and decided to make  sugar preserved rhubarb shreds, or rhubarb shreds in sirup if that’s what you call it in english 😉

I followed this recipe:

2 dl water
2 dl sugar
A bundle of rhubarb
Vanilla seeds (optional)

Boil sugar and water together into a syrup (until all the sugar has melted entirely).

Cut rhubarb into thin slices and pour syrup and vanilla seeds over.

Let the rhubarb rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

They will be beautiful pink 🙂 And with their crispness and acid-sweetness they taste great with a ball of vanilla ice cream 🙂

My rhubarb picture got deleted, so I found these for you instead.
Mine is just as pink and tastes oh so sweet  (─‿‿─)  



dessert, rhubarb, sweets, syrup, vanilla


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