Sofie Zeeberg Kimman

I’m back from my vacation with my family and I’ve got something awesome to show you 😀

This girl, Sofie Zeeberg Kimman, is an upcoming designer/tailor/clothing artisian and here’s a DIY dress she came up with a while ago 🙂

You’ll need a piece of viscose fabric measuring 2 m X 1,5 m

And this is how you do it:

Wrap around and tie a knot.

Twist the ends once so that they “switch places”.

Take the ends around the back, tie a knot and hide the flaps.

And this is what you end up with 🙂
– I can’t figure out the cleavage though…

All pictures in courtesy of Sofie Zeeberg Kimman

Have a nice evening folks 🙂


design, DIY & Crafts, dress, fashion, Sofie Zeeberg Kimman, viscose


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