The thing about kids…

People tend to look at me with these offended and somewhat blank eyes when I mention my lack of desire to have kids.

I’m sorry to break this to you, but not all of us dream of having kids, not all of us see the beauty in being pregnant and not all of us feel like putting our own needs aside in favor of a kid.

I must sound so selfish to all mothers and fathers who adore their kids and couldn’t imagine a life without them. But this is how I feel.
I might be young and I might change my mind someday but up until now kids haven’t been part of my plans and don’t ask me why I feel this way. I’ve done some soul-searching to figure out why I don’t want kids and I didn’t really find an answer other than the fact that I just don’t like them… Especially not babies…

99,9% of all times I’ve been “aaaw-ing” because of a kid he or she was black…

This of course made me think about the day where I might change my mind and want to have a kid myself. I could very well be adopting a kid from an orphanage in Africa one day.

That’s a thought I’m much more comfortable with 🙂

Please let me know what you think about kids, the tabu of not wanting a kid or what else might be on your mind 🙂



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