Top 9 reasons to run

Plus an extra No. 10 😉

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calorie burning, exercise, fitness, health, running, zombies, stress, anxiety


9 thoughts on “Top 9 reasons to run

      • Sorry about the late response. And while zombies would be good motivation (I mean, it’s even a rule in Zombieland). As for me, I found my iPod was my best friend to help mask out the sound of your feet and breathing. I also downloaded an app called Endomando. It tracks you via GPS and tells you when you run a mile. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone eat your brains 🙂


  1. Yeah that’s what I do. I have a few playlists for lifting, running, and just easy listening when I’m doing paper work. I found that if I combine jogging and lifting then put it on shuffle I usually hit double digits without realizing it. Also, a good thing that I learned is to haul ass up hills. Gets your calves burning and gets the little burst out to expand your rib cage from the heavy breathing. And yes, if you don’t like zombieland then there’s something wrong with you. Woody Harrelson with a banjo is pure American! 🙂


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