Dreams & goals

I have a lot of dreams and goals in life, some bigger than others.

What they all have in common is that they define me.


My goals are…/I dream of…

No 1:
Getting an old-fashioned houseboat.
Just live in one for a couple of years or five.

No 2:
Adopt a hedgehog

No 3:
Go to Ireland.
Maybe live there for a while.

No 4:
Open a webshop.
I wanna wrap the parcels myself with cute looking paper
and write personal “Thank You For Shopping at Frida’s” cards.

No 5:
Become a traveling lecturer.
I wanna talk about sex, feelings, gender differences
among other stuff with teenagers.

No 6:
Send a message in a bottle with affirming and positive aspects on life.
And I would love to receive one too.

No 7:
Travel to India and visit the markets, smell the spices
and make great bargains.

No 8:
Get really really really long hair.
And maybe try extensions to make it big and full looking.

No 9:
Own a shar pei, a shiba inu and a miniature bull terrier.
This would be my dream pack.

No 10:
To get half a tattoo sleeve.
It will be on my lower left arm. Just need the money.

No 11:
Own a sphynx cat.
My absolute favourite cat breed.

No 12:
Publish a book.
I don’t know yet whether it should be a cookbook, a personal book with stories
or a completely different kind of book.

No 13:
Start using my sewing machine.
I have so many projects I wanna do.


I could go on for ages ūüôā
What are your goals and dreams in life?




book, cats, dogs, dreams, goals, hair, house boat, India,
Ireland, life, sewing, shar pei, shiba inu, sphynx, tattoo


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