DIY goodies vol. 2

Hi peeps 🙂

You guys had a nice day?
Here in Southern Denmark we’ve had 25 degrees celsius (77 degrees fahrenheit) today with more heat to come tomorrow
– this might not be as hot as any of those exotic places where some of my readers are from, but in DK… It’s hot!

So I’ve been to the beach with my boyfriend, his sister and their mom to get cooled down in the water 🙂

But hey, the heat isn’t what I’m going to talk about, I promised you peeps ‘DIY goodies vol. 2’.

Let’s get to it!



1. Necklace chains / 2. Big ink pad / 3. Sequin lace
4. Satin ribbons / 5. Leather pieces / 6. Acrylic paint
7. Beads / 8. Peachy ribbon / 9. Small ink pads / 10. Gold braid


You know… If I had a million dollars I would spend ’em on DIY goodies and do nothing else but make DIY projects all day and blog about it in the evening 🙂
Maybe I’d buy some nice dresses…

And a farm… And a car…

acrylic paint, beads, DIY & Crafts, ink, necklace, ribbon


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