DIY T-shirt dress

I’m not sure I like this kind of dress but I still want to share this incredibly easy way to make one yourself 🙂


Source unknown


And now I’m going over at a friend’s house to watch horror movies!



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6 thoughts on “DIY T-shirt dress

  1. For the dress on the model, they must have cut the the bottom of the bodice with a slit a few inches long, to tie it and gather it like the top of the skirt. Otherwise, it would just hang from a loose crop top, like in photo #6.


  2. You must need a VERY long t-shirt for this. I tried with an XXL and it didn’t come close to fitting over my bum when I cinched the pieces in. I coudl have left it loser, but then you’d be able to see down into the skirt! I think this one was a solid fail for me. Love the idea though.


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