Cake pops

Hi Peeps 🙂

What do you say, shall we round the evening off with an upcoming project of mine?

Hell yeah! 😀


Source unknown


I can’t wait to make these!

My coating will be white chocolate though… 
maybe with a little pink food coloring…? 😉

They don’t put them on sticks in the tutorial, that’s the last and final step.
Oh, and you can use a little bit of milk instead of frosting

to mash up the cake crumbs – anything that will make it sticky will do the job.
But keep the flavour in mind.



cake pops, chocolate, dessert, food, sweets


6 thoughts on “Cake pops

  1. Cake balls are one of our favorites to make. I recommend chilling them in the fridge for a bit before you go to dip them. They stick together better that way. Also, we like to decorate with sprinkles. Since we usually make them for Christmas we dip them in white chocolate and use red and green sprinkles.


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