Is coconut fat/oil good for you?

There’s a lot of focus on coconut fat/oil at the moment.
It’s almost hailed as a wonder drug.



First of all, coconut oil and coconut fat are the same thing. It’s called fat when it’s in solid form and oil when liquid – this has something to do with the temperature.

Coconut fat/oil has a high content of fat and 90% of the fat is derived from the saturated fatty acids.
Exactly the kind of fat you don’t want to eat too much of.



Coconut fat/oil contains 50% lauric acid and 20 % myristic acid (percentage of the total content of fat).
Both acids affect the blood cholesterol levels – they raise the levels of the harmful LDL-cholesterol in the blood and at the same time also raise the good HDL-cholesterol levels in the blood.
This however, does not change that fact that the overall effect is negative. 

Using a little coconut milk in a dish to achieve a desired flavor is totally okay.
But using coconut fat/oil in the belief that it contains particularly rewarding properties is wrong – there is no evidence of such presumption.

Furthermore, coconut fat/oil is absorbed completely in the intestinal tract, which means that it contributes to the overall energy balance.



Don’t waste your money on this expensive fat/oil.
There’s plenty of  healthier and cheaper alternatives, such as canola oil, grape seed oil, etc. 



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