Welcome to my world

I dream. A lot. Both night and day.

I’ve been to places in my dreams that some people can’t even imagine, both beautiful and scary. 

My thoughts and the world existing in my head looks like the pictures I’m about to show you – I wish I could be there physically and feel the wind touching my face, smell the moist air (always most air and high humidity, it makes me feel loved and safe in some way) and touch my surroundings with my bare hands.

I’ve considered writing down what’s inside my head but I can’t seem to find words and describe it properly…
I wish I could draw it, that would be the absolute best way to share, no words needed…

This is the next best way of sharing – I’ve collected pictures throughout time that could’ve been taken straight out of my head:



I hope you enjoy these worlds and creatures as much as I do, they are indeed a part of my everyday life and, as mentioned earlier, my daydreams as well as dreams throughout the night.

Sleep tight and nice dreamin’  🙂



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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. Hi Freda. I love the woodland scenes, the bed hanging from ropes (that would be fun), the table set for dinner, the lake with the steps. In fact they are fantastic except for the second one with the tree roots.Have a lovely week. Ralph x


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