Boys… Tsk!

You and your boyfriend are going out. You’ve put on your prettiest dress and you’re shining!
You’re hot and you notice how your boyfriend agrees from the look on his face –
but he doesn’t say it out loud… 
He should…

You write your boyfriend, date or flirt a cute text message. In the other end of town the boy are smiling because of your text. He thinks that you’re sweet but doesn’t think of writing you back, letting you know that… He should…

You love when your boyfriend shows his love for you in public by putting his arm around you, kissing you several times for no particular reason or whatever. You want the world (or at least the strangers around you) to know that you belong to this guy, you’re his girl and he should prove it.
But he doesn’t…

What is wrong with them??
What happened to the “I’m the man, you’re my woman and I’m gonna protect you”-mentality?
Deep down, women love being displayed as “taken”, we like when our guy wants to show everyone that this girl is taken.

Don’t ask why, we just love that… We’re women?!




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