Love for a bow

Hi Peeps

I promised to show you my garland made from cupcake cups, which I worked on in the middle of last night, but here’s the thing… I’m sick 😦
I’m with my boyfriend at his parent’s farm, resting on the sofa with a duvet, a movie and a pizza slice…
And the garland is at my apartment…

I wanna show you something 🙂 Something else, but something DIY’ish like my original planned post.

Do you remember when I made these tiny bows with a fork?
I found an ‘up-grade’ on pinterest:



Look at those lovelies ♥

Have a nice day/night 🙂



bow, cute, decorative, DIY & Crafts, festive, fork, ribbon


6 thoughts on “Love for a bow

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  2. Thanks for the great tutorial! I just now was able to replicate it, using the fingers on my left hand instead of a fork, to make a slightly larger bow. Probably not as easy as using a larger fork, but I didn’t think of that until I was done! LOL It is possible, though. 🙂 ~ Andrea


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