Nutty Granola

Hi peeps 🙂

Some months ago I posted a recipe for granola consisting of nuts (mainly) and flax seeds.
I just made a new batch today and thought I would post the recipe in English for you 🙂

Nutty Granola

200 g almonds
150 g cashews
150 g hazelnuts
150 g flax seeds
3 tsp. grounded cinnamon
80 g white sugar*

* I used artificial sweetener (powder)  in the amount that equals the sweetness of 80 g of white sugar – look at the package to calculate the amount that you’ll need, it depends on the brand and what sort of artificial sweetener you use.

  1. Chop the nuts well and roast them in a dry pan for a few minutes with flax seeds and cinnamon.
  2. Add the sugar/artificial sweetener and mix everything thoroughly.
  3. When the sugar/artificial sweetener has melted, pour the granola out on a large cold platter or a baking sheet for it to cool down.
  4. When the granola has cooled, store in an airtight container.


3 tbsp. of granola = 100 calories = 418 kJ


I eat the granola on Skyr with thawed blueberries 🙂


Fridas Peach ©


You can convert g to oz here 




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