Colorful spirals for your inner party animal

G’day peeps!

Tomorrow my girl Line and I are throwing a party at her crib with drinks, music, funny games and of course a bunch of our friends 🙂
I normally don’t care much for party decoration at these types of general parties, I mean it’s just a regular kinda night out with the gang and not a Christmas party, birthday or dress-up party…
Cuz then… I would go decorazy! 😉

But as of today this will change!

I’m going over to Line’s as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning so that we’ve got all day together before we’ll rock the night  😀
And with all that time on our hands before the guests show up, we might as well decorate her apartment and I was thinking that these colorful spirals hanging from the ceiling will add some joy and fun to the party 🙂


Source unknown


All you do is cut out a big circle of colored paper and then, by rotating while cutting close to the peripheral outline, transfer it into a party spiral, ready to be hung from the ceiling 🙂

If I remember, I’ll take a picture of the result tomorrow at the party 🙂




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