I can’t draw, but I can doodle!

You peeps feel the same?

I love to draw, color and create, but I never end up with something worth hanging on my walls…
But I’m also very picky concerning wall art in my home 🙂

This is where ‘doodles’ are the coolest! They don’t necessarily depict anything other than the actual pattern, but if you want to, you can implement them into lettering, parts of a greater whole or something completely different.
It’s up to your imagination 🙂

To me, it’s not the final result, but the whole process when drawing and coloring. It’s peaceful, relaxing and a great activity when I need to slow down my OCD-brain and the messy thoughts that fill up my head from time to time.

If you’re a beginner at this ‘doodle-ing’ here’s a big collection of drawings created by Samantha Snyder over at Doodle Art Alley that you can download and color or simply just be inspired by – FOR FREE!



Just a few examples of doodles by the wonderful Samantha.




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