28 Date Ideas

Hi peeps 🙂

It’s important to get out, be romantic and ‘couple-like’ elsewhere than just at home
– show your love in public, trust me there’s something about it that works!

I came up with a list of ideas and thought I might share it here on the blog
for you peeps to be inspired 🙂




Let’s get some dating goin’ on!

  1. Have a picnic at a park or the beach.
  2. Go to the arcade.
  3. One word: go-karts!
  4. Go on a group date and play paintball.
  5. Grab a pair of binoculars, go the beach and watch birds, ships or the horizon.
  6. Go bowling.
  7. Take your date stargazing on a frosty night with hot chocolate and mittens.
  8. The cliché trip to see the sunset or sunrise still works!
  9. Go kayaking down the local river – don’t forget life jackets 😉
  10. Have a bonfire at the beach and roast marshmallows.
  11. Go ice-skating.
  12. Take a walk in the rain sharing an umbrella.
  13. Write down your dreams, put them in an air-tight bottle and let them float out in to the ocean.
  14. Go to the park and feed the birds or ducks.
  15. Build a sandcastle at the beach.
  16. If snow is falling grab a sledge and go have fun!
  17. If you’re not the shy type water parks are the best!
  18. Go snorkeling at the beach.
  19. Try roller-skating.
  20. Visit the zoo or an aquarium (one of my favourites!)
  21. Have a horror movie marathon.
  22. Try new foods at restaurants.
  23. A trip to the cinema is a classic.
  24. Wine tasting gets you talking quickly 😉
  25. Go fountain hopping!
  26. Spend an afternoon at the skater park (that is, if any one of you do skate…).
  27. Build a snowman together.
  28. Go catch tadpoles together.


I love that you can use these ideas for both a first date and a “relationship touch-up” 🙂

Which ones would you like to do?






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