New at Fridas Peach

Hi peaches  ✿

Back in time when I started this blog, I prefered writing in Danish.
I then switched to English and this went well up until now – except for the fact that I never really blog… As in; I never really write anything.
I only post pictures with a short comment attached…

And that’s perfectly fine if it wasn’t for my desire to ‘go deeper’, express my feelings and share more of me.

Unfortunately I can’t do that as well in English as in Danish…

I’m also hoping to capture more Danish readers, there ain’t many of you peeps…  (╥﹏╥)

Therefore I have decided to return to the original language of Fridas Peach and will be bloggin’ in Danish from now on.

I hope all of my foreign  followers and readers will continue to visit me and the blog and keep on commenting on my posts, cuz surely I’ll be answering in English  ♥






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2 thoughts on “New at Fridas Peach

  1. Don’t worry, dear… I understand how it can be difficult to use not native language =) Just keep posting fine pics, and we will understand all 😀


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