Future roommate


I’m picking up my baby at the end of this month!  ☜(♥‿♥)☞

The Donskoy breed is a hairless Russian breed, not related to the more common Sphynx. While the Sphynx’s hairlessness is a recessive gene, it’s a dominant gene in the Donskoy. Touching them feels like touching a warm peach  (◠‿◠)

I’m so exited to get him home!

Read more about the breed at TICA, The International Cat Association.




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8 thoughts on “Future roommate

  1. Hey Fridas, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Thus allowing me to discover all your awesomeness 😀 Congrats on your new addition, and I can’t wait to see pictures.

    By the way following you by email now ❤


  2. Hi, I had two sphinx cast at home. They wereld loveley and very cute. They Neede aan lot of attention and aan lot of care. They were like little children. The thing is that they needed a bath three times a week and in the summer a wash every day. Why? They are like humans and transpire what makes that they leave Brown markes on your clothes, sofa, blankets. Also in the summer when they went outdoors they would get suncream against burning. You have to love them with all your heart and see them like baby’s. Succes and take good care of these wunderful beings.


    • Hi Michael 🙂
      Thank you for your comment.
      Maybe your cats needed a bath three times a week because of the heat? I don’t know where you live, but here in Denmark the weather isn’t really good and our summers are short and typically very windy, so sphynx cats here don’t need a bath as often – it’s more of a one time a week occurrence 🙂 But I see how much time some people (on Instagram) need to use on their sphynxes, specifically bathing them and keeping them occupied as they are indoor cats.
      I ended up getting a Donskoy which is mostly nude like the sphynx though some can have a little fluff or down. Mine only needs a bath once a month! 😉

      Take care!


      • I like my Sphinx with their natural Oder they smell amazing just like babies I bath mine maybe every 2 months they are allowed outside a little bit and when I want them in I rattle the treat bag and they come running! I love them so much … They are beautiful characters and loving companions. Ur world is about to change . Xx


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