DIY no sew leather vest

It doesn’t get any easier 🙂




Just to be sure, you better measure the width of your back (from shoulder to shoulder),
and let this be the distance between the two vertical cuts.


Happy DIY’ing 🙂


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5 thoughts on “DIY no sew leather vest

  1. Love the look but need some measurements here. I get that the distance between slits is the width of shoulders across back but how long / wide is the piece and what size does it end up being? Small? Med.? Other than leather, what other fabrics would this work with? More details, please!


    • I can’t give you any, unfortunately. There was no measurements over at the original source.
      But you need only to know two measurements, in my opinion: the width of your upper back (from shoulder to shoulder – that would be between the two cuts) and the lenght that you want the vest to have.
      Oh, and the length of the fabric (look at the drawing) on the upper line, but this again is up to you and your liking. Did that make sense?


  2. I think the best thing to do with this is as you say take the width of the upper back before you make your slits but also make sure that you make them low enough down that you get a nice rolled collar above the armholes. I have made waterfall cardigans like this and it helps to have a rigid collar so leave enough to enable the leather to turn over at the top. Should look very nice if you choose the right fabric.


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