Washi tape inspiration


Hi Peaches!

I just bought an iPhone 5s the other day! Yay!
My first iPhone and I’m very impressed, especially by the fingerprint touch id πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I wanted to decorate the power charger with washi tape and here’s the result:


Washi tape power charger


By now, I have a lot of washi tape, so I’m thinking of different ways to use it,
and these projects really speaks to me πŸ˜‰



In what ways have you used washi tape? πŸ™‚
Show n’ tell!




DIY, crafts, washi tape, colorful, decor, candles, glass, pink, birthday card, gift tags


5 thoughts on “Washi tape inspiration

  1. In my city is very difficult to find these cute tapes TΛ†T, but I loved the idea and I’ll try to decorate my entire room with it, don’t know how I never thought this before, I really lack creativity, thanks *O*


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