Todays workout gifs

Hi peaches ❤

Personally I’m a huge fan of workout gifs, what about you?
They motivate me more than just a written instruction for an exercise
and I get a better idea of how to do it right.

Here’s a little something to motivate you and the fab thing is,
that these exercises can even be done at home!



high knees abs

Source unknown


Source unknown

Source unknown






Get movin’! 😀




workout, exercises, fitness, health, abs, triceps, gif, push ups, donkey kicks


2 thoughts on “Todays workout gifs

    • Hi 🙂
      I just started exercising myself a couple of months ago and my best advice is to team up with a good friend and make it a date you can’t skip out on 🙂 It’s easier to be two and a lot more fun. And just do it! Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow but today 🙂

      If the energy isn’t there, then start with your diet – not an actual diet, but plan healthy meals and only keep healthy food in your fridge. If you have healthy food, you’ll eat healthy food 🙂 My energy and the will to work out came after changing my eating habits.

      You can also just start with a daily walk, it’s moving and it’s better than not moving 🙂

      Og havde jeg vidst, at du var dansk, så havde jeg skrevet alt dette på dansk 😀



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