L’oréal Paris nail polish swatch

Hola peaches

I normally don’t do swatches because I haven’t got a good camera worth using when bloggin’.
But yesterday when I did my nails and wanted to take a picture with my iPhone,
it actually turned out quite decent!
Decent enough to show you peeps and you’re always so sweet in your comments anyway ❤


nail polish

L’oréal Paris polishes


My three new polishes from L’oréal Paris.
From left: Beige Countess, Pearl de Jade and Goldleaf.


I haven’t tried Beige Countess yet, but have quite high expectations.
I was looking for a good old natural and brownish/mocha nail polish and this one caught my eye immediately. One of my biggest demands (besides the color) when buying nail polish is that the brush is wide. I HATE a small brush, I can’t control the damn thing! 😛
And the L’oréal Paris nail polish brushes are just perfect.


I tried Pearl de Jade with Goldleaf on top and the result was just as I imagined!


mint gold leaf nail polish

Pearl de Jade with Goldleaf on top


Pearl de Jade only needs two coats to look like in the picture and Goldleaf is easily build up
– I’m only wearing one coat as I want the minty color to show more.

Remember top coat as Goldleaf tends to scratch a little
and because your manicure will last longer with top coat ❤




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