The basketweave stitch pattern

❤ Hi peaches ❤

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been away on vacation with my family for over a week and really needed a break from internet, e-mails and basically everything electronic.

I started a new knitting project while I was away and boy am I exited to finish it! 😀
I’m using the basketweave stitch pattern which is so cute, has the nicest texture AND is so easy to do.

It looks great when used as a pattern for dish cloths, wash cloths and tea towels.
Just remember to use yarn made from 100% cotton.


The pattern looks like this:



The pattern is really easy, you only need to knit and purl.
If you’re new at knitting, I advice you to have a look at my post on Knitting abbreviations and my post on How to purl, as this might help you.

As I knit, I write down the rows I’ve done, otherwise I can’t keep track
and end up missing a row (or four…).

Happy knitting! 




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