Halloween Inspo – Part 2

Second post in my Halloween series is here! 😉

Now that you might have an idea of how to decorate your nails for Halloween,
let’s take a look at some inspiration regarding the costume.
The possibilities are endless!

Though, in my opinion, a Halloween costume should be scary!
Everything else belongs at a carnival or the Mardi Gras celebrations 😉

What’s your opinion?
Should a Halloween costume be scary or does it make no difference?

Anyway, I ‘ve added non-scary costume ideas as inspiration as well as scary ones,
because the possibility of adding a scary touch really is quite easy with these non scary costumes.
Sometimes all it takes is fake blood, torn clothes, messy hair or a scary walk 😉




halloween bats



Part 2:

Halloween Costumes





Oh, and I thought you might want to know how to make fake blood?

Steve Spangler knows how and made us a little guide
– be sure to scroll down the page, there’s more than one recipe.


Tune in on the blog tomorrow
for more Halloween Inspo!




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