Tip of the day: a clean microwave

Tip of the day:

How to clean the microwave – fast and effective


clean the microwave

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Macrame plant hangers

Hi peaches 🙂

I’m sorry about the silence on the blog.
I haven’t felt like blogging for some time now, but I haven’t felt like cutting it off either and the result was a break. I hope you can live with that.

Now to the point of today’s post:
I’m crazy about plants and even more crazy about hanging plants!

The macrame style has taken over in Blogger Land and I’m most definitely surfing the wave of macrame plant hangers as well – when I move in to my new apartment that is…
As it is right now, I’m not hanging anything on my ceilings. Instead I’m packing my life into boxes.
Preparing to move into a new place is hard work 😛

But I’m planning on how and where to hang my macrame plant hangers at my new place 🙂
Planning and dreaming…

Am thinking something like this:



Sources will be visible upon clicking the images


You can actually make macrame plant hangers yourself!

Here’s two DIYs with easy-to-follow instructions:

Chi Chi Dee Handmade  |  Skinny la Minx Blog




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Wood & pastels decor

wood & pastels decor


Wooden tray  /  Bird candles  /  Glass dome
Sequin pillow case  /  Pink pillow case  /  Linen pillow case
Wooden candle holders  /  Polka dot plate
Wooden cutting board  /  Pink handles


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Copper shopper!


Copper shopper


1. H&M fyrfadsstage  /  2. Tom Dixon lysestage  /  3. H&M glasæske  /  4. H&M fotoramme
5. House Doctor kurve  /  6. H&M lysestage  /  7. H&M lysestage  /  8. HAY bøjler
9. H&M krukke  /  10. H&M lygte  /  11. House Doctor kurve  /  12. Frandsen Ball bordlampe


Jeg er SÅ forelsket i everything copper!
Det sætter så lækkert et præg på indretningen, og der er vist ingen tvivl om,
hvorfor det er så in lige nu.

Ejer I noget i denne lækre farve? 🙂


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