Face of the day: Anne-Marie Nicholson


British singer and songwriter from London with a new hairdo every month.

Anne-Marie Nicholson is the vocalist of the British band Rudimental, currently touring all over the world,
and before that she won the karate World Championship three times.

I absolutely love her style and personality, she’s so much fun and her self-irony is through the roof.

Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more pictures, updates and funny videos.


face of the day, Anne-Marie Nicholson, blonde, pink hair


Face of the day: Summer Kellsey


Summer Kellsey, a 21-year-old beauty and fashion blogger and vlogger from Tennessee.

Fabulous hair, cute freckles, full lips and perfect eyes!

Watch her videos on her youtube channel and take a look at her blog and her Instagram as well.


beauty, hair, face of the day, curls, makeup, red lipstick, Summer Kellsey

Face of the day: Chloe Nørgaard


Half Danish and half American model with rainbow colored hair and just as colorful a spirit.
Born in California, started modelling at the age of 19 and knows her way around a DJ panel.

If Chloe wasn’t a model, she would be an astronaut or a medicine healer in Thailand.
She loves Pokémon, travelling and Japan where she lived in Tokyo for 3 months when she started modelling.
She is very artsy and dyes her hair herself.

Check out her Facebook, blog and Instagram.


Face of the day, Chloe Nørgaard, model, rainbow, colored hair, fashion, pink

Face of the day: Johanna F. Herrstedt


Johanna Felicia Herrstedt, a 19-year-old blogger, born and raised in Sweden.

A unique look because of her hair, big eyes, vertical labret piercing and her clear skin.
She’s quite good with a make-up brush in her hand and she does a lot of drawing too,
see her tumblr Multicolors.

I’m stunned by her entire face, she’s so pretty – in a kind of scary way…

She has a main Instagram and a fitness & food Instagram.


face of the day, Johanna F. Herrstedt, blogger, red lips, vertical labret, piercing, stretch, make-up

Face of the day: Alena Shishkova


Alena Shishkova was born in Tyumen, Russia and she is now 21 years old.

She participated in Miss Russia 2012 beauty pageant and came in third place.

She started modeling at the age of 14 and have modeled in Milano, Japan, Paris, New York, Russia and Germany among other countries.

She has without a doubt had plastic surgery, but I actually think they did a good job.
Search “Alena Shishkova plastic surgery” in Google images to see before/after pics.

She used to be very high-fashion-lookin’ but kinda turned more of a va-va-voom-face and is now found all over Tumblr.




Alena Shishkova, model, face of the day, blond, fashion, plastic surgery