Knitting: The Rose Stitch

An easy knit and purl stitch which makes a nice rose bush grid-looking finish
– like when roses grow by a wall and they form this grid with the branches up the wall? 😉


The Rose Stitch

Rose knit stitch

©Fridas Peach


If you’re not familiar with “k1 in st one row below”, here’s a video that shows how to do it:
K1 below by Leisure Arts, Inc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask 🙂


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The Gooseberry Stitch


Here’s another knit pattern for ya, The Gooseberry Stitch 😉

It resembles a bobble stitch and has a fairly dense texture as the “berries” lay close to one another.
This doesn’t mean that the knitted piece is tight however – it will still stretch a bit.

Give it a try, it’s perfect for a baby blanket ❤


the gooseberry knit stitch


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